What’s So Great About MacRAE’S? Let Some of Our Clients explain in these Testimonials.

Having helped more than 100,000 companies build an online presence, we’re pretty confident that when it comes to digital marketing, we know how to get the job done. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our customers have to say about MacRAE’S services in the following testimonials.


Richard Marshall, President


Located in Mississauga Ontario, Eagle Industries Corp carries all your water purification product needs. They supply, install and service your water treatment systems.

"Recently, I’ve noticed that my sales and marketing teams seem to be struggling with digital marketing. It can be a lot to keep straight, between SEO, blogs, website content, social media, video marketing…. MacRAE'S Inbound Marketing training has given me and my team the go-to knowledge and strategies for successfully marketing on digital platforms. "

-Richard Marshall, President
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Christine McAniff, Marketing

Kimre was founded by Geroge Pedersen in 1973, and since day 1 they have been proudly manufacturing their products in the US for over 40 years. Kimre has grown from a small local business to a global leader in the battle against pollution.

"I want to take a moment and express my gratitude to Sakshi from MacRAE’S. I have been working with Sakshi to develop our website. We started from scratch and together we were able to achieve what I imagined. I was able to communicate efficiently with minimal efforts, and mainly through e-mail which was, simply put ….“ so easy”. It was a pleasure to put my ideas and creations together simply by sending photos and content. The day I would send something, it was live for me to see…. That was the best part. Always seeing the creation come to life. We are excited to launch!"

-Christine McAniff, Marketing

Clare McLachlan, Mkg Mgr

Jim Peplinski Leasing is a Canadian vehicle and equipment leasing company with offices across Canada. It was founded in Calgary in 1990, on the core values of a Stanley Cup Champion - teamwork, focus and passion.

"Everything you need to know about inbound marketing is made available in MacRAE’S training course. This course is perfect for anyone who is new to marketing or who may be looking for new strategies to breathe some new life into their current campaigns. Since taking the inbound marketing course we have enlisted MacRAE'S to help redesign our website. Their talented team have created a dynamic, client friendly design, that is optimized for SEO and will help us to effectively attract quality prospects to our site. Throughout the build process Sakshi kept our team informed at every step, taking time to explain the process and educate us on the subtleties of SEO."

-Clare McLachlan, Mkg Mgr
Roy Turk Logo MacRAE'S testimonial
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Regielyn Visto, Marketing Coordinator


Roy Turk is your one stop shop for all your Janitorial Supplies. Located in Toronto, they focus on quality products and service and affordable pricing.

"As competitive as the world of marketing is today, it’s essential that you stay on the cutting edge. Trying to find time to do that can be challenging. MacRAE'S Inbound Marketing Certification Training was just what I need to make sure I’m on top of the latest strategies and tools."

-Regielyn Visto, Marketing Coordinator
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Chris Helms, Sales


Tree Brand Packaging is a family owned manufacturer with over 20 years experience as a full-service source for custom packaging. Their primary lines of business are: Custom Pallets & Skids; Custom Crates & Boxes; Specialty Packaging; Packaging Procurement Solutions; and Value-Added Packaging Services.
Tree Brand Packaging came to MacRAE’S for a full-service/package just like they provide their clients. MacRAE’S converted their website to be mobile friendly/responsive.They started a comprehensive SEO and content plan and an advertising program on www.MacRAEsBlueBook.com to help boost the traffic and rank of their site. After months of diligent work there was an 89% increase in new visitors to the site and almost 10,000 pageviews.

"MacRAE’S worked with my busy schedule and provided excellent customer service. They made great achievements with our business' entire Marketing Strategy."

-Chris Helms, Sales

Candra Reynolds, VP, Client Strategy & Experience

Candra Reynolds - iMD Health

iMD is a vast medical content library that thousands of doctors use use during patient consultations to make prescription choices, educate patients and perform diagnostic assessment tests.

"The Inbound Marketing course that MacRAE'S Marketing taught was excellent. It gave a solid introduction to Inbound Marketing, which is a complex yet indispensable tool for any size business. This course will set your business on a winning track. I highly recommend it!".

-Candra Reynolds, VP, Client Strategy & Experience

George Vertkas, Sales Manager


Sirco Machinery Company Ltd. Is the exclusive distributor of Haas Automation Products in Eastern Canada. Haas Automation products are one of the world’s largest machine tool builders, and with an impressive selection of standard and specialty machines, Sirco Machinery ensures high quality and dedicated service and delivery.

Sirco Machinery provides outstanding products and service as a family owned and operated business. MacRAE’S helped them get their business name out to the world. With a new responsive website and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program, Sirco Machinery can now easily be found by any prospective customer online. With the creation of High Definition Video and Industrial Advertising programs, their presence online soars above their competition – just like the services they offer. They can now receive leads online easily and convert those leads into sales for their business.

"MacRAE'S built us a website and has started on SEO for us. Dozens and dozens of our keywords are now ranking on page 1 of Google! We are now showing up in searches on Google and Bing under our keywords which is giving us great traffic from the search engines. Because of MacRAE'S we are now getting new customers and writing orders from our web traffic. Our return on investment with MacRAE'S is absolutely sky high."

-George Vertkas, Sales Manager

Deepak Bassi, President

Deepak-Karma Casting

Karma is a talent / recruiting / internal human resource department all in one that helps find brand marketers, event planners and recruiting staff the right talent for their projects and events. They are experts at creating unique brand experiences with specialized top talent.

"In our fast evolving internet world, you need to stay on top of all the new tools and strategies to keep your website driving traffic and customers. MacRAE'S Inbound Marketing Certification Training gave me the knowledge to be able to do this confidently."

-Deepak Bassi, President
logo Identifab
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Daniel Horton, Marketing Manager


Identifab Industries Limited is a knowledgeable and professional name plate business, with over 45 years of experience in their industry. They specialize in industrial nameplates to personal identification and signage. All of their products are custom made and to the customers satisfaction. Before working with MacRAE’S Marketing, Identifab Industries Limited had an online presence with their website, but weren’t doing anything to market it, and they needed to be found online.
MacRAE’S Marketing provided an advertiser profile page listing on the Canadian Trade Index to push the industrial aspect of their business. MacRAE’S also converted their current site to make it responsive so that they can be viewed by anyone using any type of device, from desktop to cell phone. Identifab is also doing Search Engine Optimization, using blogs and keyword phrases to help Google’s bots to find them and rank their business above their competitors.

"MacRAE’S Marketing helped us improve our presence online from the start. After converting our website to being responsive and starting SEO, 17 of our keywords are on page one of Google and 5 of those keywords are in the first place. Our rankings continue to improve month after month. We are very happy with the services from MacRAE’S and will continue with them going forward."

-Daniel Horton, Marketing Manager
comptus company logo
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Andrew White, President


Comptus Environmental Sensors is a leading producer of commercial and industrial wind and environmental sensors, transmitters and controls.

Comptus Environmental came to MacRAE'S because they wanted to increase their company's exposure to the industrial market and increase leads to their website. MacRAE'S gave them an advertising program on www.MacRAEsBlueBook.com and created a business video to promote their company and help with SEO on their home page.

"MacRAE'S video feature is spot on with the trend toward more interactive web content. They made the process of our business video effortless. We gave them the images of our products and they turned them into a dynamic montage that we placed on the homepage of our site."

-Andrew White, President
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Andre Kern, Owner


Air Doctors is an asbestos and mold removal company that started in 2009. When Air Doctors came to MacRAE'S they were looking for an updated more professional look for their website, that would help them be found online. MacRAE'S worked with them and within only a month of having the new site up traffic doubled.

It was wonderful to work with MacRAE'S. I'm extremely busy running my business but they made the entire process very easy and their customer service team were great to work with. The site looks great, it's the professional look I was going for and it was up quicker than I anticipated.

-Andre Kern, Owner
Upham House logo
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Eda George


The Phineas Upham House in Melrose, Massachusetts dates back to 1703. The structure, a rare First Period Colonial home, has undergone structural changes over the years to bring it to its current beautiful look. The Upham Family Society Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization whose purpose is to not only preserve and maintain it; but to also ultimately convert the house into a full museum.

The Upham House Family Society Inc. had a website but it was outdated and was not helping them to be seen nor promote this historic colonial home in MA. The MacRAE’S Marketing group provided The Upham House with a modern website to maximize their views and also converted their new site to make it Mobile Responsive so that they can be viewed by anyone using any type of device, from desktop to cell phone.
MacRAE’S also made a 60 second full motion voiced over video that is both beautiful and moving. The video can be viewed and shared everywhere online.

"The MacRAE’S Marketing group helped us improve our presence online from the start. Our new site is visually perfect for the way we were trying to promote our historical MA house while providing all who visit with text which flows within each page. After converting our website to being responsive and following that up with a truly remarkable video; we could not be more pleased! We are very happy with the products and service from MacRAE’S and will work with them again in the future."

-Eda George

Richard Hierman, President


Elmes Packaging Inc. is a family owned company with superior service to their customers. They have been producing thermoformed plastic trays, displays, clamshells and blisters since 1975.

Elmes Packaging has had an advertising program with MacRAE'S Blue Book for several years. Their team use the comprehensive analytics MacRAE'S provides, and they are extremely pleased with the traffic MacRAE'S is directing to their website.

"The sales and customer support teams made it very easy to set up our program and are extremely helpful with suggestions for further optimization. MacRAE'S is an integral part of our marketing strategy."

-Richard Hierman, President

Seemi Nauman, Manager Administration


Weldflow Metal Products is a leading precision sheet metal manufacturer with their award nominated services including Engineering, Contract manufacturing, Electronic Enclosures, Steel and Stainless Steel Fabrication, Metal Fabrication, and Components Fabrication.
Weldflow Metal Products is known for their dedication to engineering excellence and achieving a high level of customer satisfaction. They came to MacRAE’S because their online presence needed to reflect that dedication. With an SEO program including social media content creation, Weldflow Metal Products now has an online presence that is as accessible and impressive as their work in the shop.

"We began using MacRAE'S Search Engine Optimization services in March of 2014. Over the last 3 months, many of our keywords have gone from being on the 10th page to being on page one of Google! Our website page impressions are up 38% in the last month! We are impressed with the initiative that MacRAE'S is taking to promote our business. They have created a blog page for us, and have written blogs which are being posted on this page. We are already seeing the value of using MacRAE'S for our SEO efforts and look forward to even further results in the coming months."

-Seemi Nauman, Manager Administration

Michael Runciman, Vice President and General Manager

Johnston Industrial Plastics is the oldest Canadian distributor of Plastics shapes. With the longest track record of providing great service and quality materials, Johnston Industrial Plastics provides the largest selection of engineering plastics across Canada.

MacRAE’S has helped Johnston Industrial Plastics gain new business leads by getting their website noticed with high rankings for specially chosen keywords. An Industrial Advertising program introduces their business straight to their target audience.

"We only began using MacRAE'S a couple of months ago and have already seen a dramatic increase in our keyword ranking on Google and Bing. 34 of our 37 keyword phrases are on page one of Google!

MacRAE'S hit the ground running with their SEO efforts on our behalf and made significant strides very quickly. We are excited about our continued success through using MacRAE'S."

-Michael Runciman, Vice President and General Manager
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Julie Bond, Marketing Mgr./Owner


Can-Eng Furnaces is one of North America's leading designers and manufacturers of thermal processing equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Can-Eng Furnaces partnered with MacRAE'S many years ago and through the years have worked together on improving their overall internet marketing strategy. MacRAE’S Advertising Programs continue to give very solid leads for their sales team and has just recently helped them get started with online video to further assist in their SEO strategy.

"MacRAE'S is one of the greatest values out there. It is a challenge cutting through the search clutter to tell a story that proves we are the manufacturer that can deliver effective solutions. Working with MacRAE's has helped build our overall on-line profile.

MacRAE'S has a video program that came together flawlessly. It was a very simple process to pull together the images and their team looked after the rest. The final product was very professional and a great addition to our profile.

The customer service I receive is always outstanding. Of the many companies I deal with, the team at MacRAE'S is the most accessible and approachable. They truly care about outcomes and are a pleasure to work with."

-Julie Bond, Marketing Mgr./Owner
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Chris Wharin, Director


Established in 1892 Bohne Spring is a family owned and operated manufacturer of precision mechanical springs and wire forms. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services in the industry.

Bohne Spring has been partnered with MacRAE'S for their advertising and lead generation since 2007. Recently MacRAE'S produced a business video that Bohne Spring showcases on the homepage of their website.

"We knew the SEO value that video has with search engines so wanted to add this to our website. We didn't know where to start but MacRAE'S explained the process and it was much easier than we ever imagined.

We love the final video and couldn't be more pleased with how quickly MacRAE'S produced it for us. Thanks MacRAE'S."

-Chris Wharin, Director
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Philip Touitou, Photographer/Owner-Founder

image (1)

Lilip Studio is a photography studio in Montreal founded by Philip Touitou. Philip is a veteran in the industry. He is passionate and produces quality work for his clients' precious moments. Philip reached out to MacRAE'S in April, stating he really needed our help.

At first Philip was skeptical about SEO but decided to give it a try. We first took a look at his website and along with onpage seo, we restructured the pages and created a content plan for fresh new site changes. To help with his SEO we gave Philip an Enhanced Listing on www.ProfileCanada.com to gain more exposure. With Philip's patience he is now seeing real value from his SEO spend.

"I now have sales coming in from being found online, and that has never happened before. Thanks MacRAE'S for taking my site to the next level to help grow my business."

-Philip Touitou, Photographer/Owner-Founder
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Michael Gonzalez, VP Sales & Marketing


Universal Rivet is a manufacturing facility in Florida that has produced rivets and specialty cold-headed products since 1977. Their MacRAE'S advertising program had been helping drive buyers to their site, but they were ready to take the step they had been dreading for years and take the time to improve the look of their website. MacRAE'S contacted Michael to discuss the direction he wanted to take and MacRAE'S had the new site up quickly.

"I can't believe how quickly MacRAE'S got my site up. I delayed changing my site because I remember the time and stress it took the first time, and I really dreaded going through that again. The MacRAE'S Team made the process extremely easy and the site was up in a month."

-Michael Gonzalez, VP Sales & Marketing

Sharon Goldner, Marketing Manager


Parker Steel Company was established in 1955 and is the largest supplier of metric sized metals and services in North America.

MacRAE'S has been working with Parker Steel for many years generating leads and driving traffic to their website. Recently MacRAE'S created a video featuring their business.

"MacRAE’S Blue Book has been the best directory we've ever worked with. The pricing is reasonable, the personalized customer service is outstanding, and the services provided are phenomenal including the new business video they created for us. We look forward to continuing to work with the MacRAE'S Team for years to come."

-Sharon Goldner, Marketing Manager

Sandra van Grieken, Exec. Management

Hodgson Custom Rolling Inc. is one of North America's largest plate rolling, structural rolling and brake forming facilities. Celebrating over sixty years in operation, Hodgson has continuously expanded its facilities and expertise, both in the scope of work and in servicing all over the world.

Hodgson partnered with MacRAE’S over 7 years ago. Their advertising program targeted very specific industrial product keywords driving traffic to their site as well as detailed Request for Quote leads for their sales team.

"I'd like to thank MacRAE'S for their valued assistance over the years, in helping us increase our customer base and expand our business. Their support team has been exemplary in providing timely detailed reports, hands on assistance and immediate response to our requests.

Whether the goal was to expand into a new geographic range, establish a new product line, or concentrate on a specific market, MacRAE'S made a significant difference in achieving those goals. MacRAE'S is an essential component of Hodgson's growth and we look forward to a successful continued partnership."

-Sandra van Grieken, Exec. Management