80% of businesses say they use content marketing for B2B marketing, yet less than 40% feel their content marketing initiatives are successful and only 8% would rate their content marketing initiatives as very effective. There is no denying it: B2B content marketing can be a challenge. Effectively targeting others businesses is different than targeting standard consumers, as the sales cycle is longer and the buyers’ needs and purchasing process are distinct.

MacRAE’S has a seasoned team of experts ready to tackle even the toughest B2B challenges. Armed with experience and expertise, the MacRAE’S team can take your business’s content to the next level, improving engagement rates, conversion rates, and ROI to boost your business’s bottom line. We can help you shorten sale cycles, improve customer awareness, create cross-selling opportunities, and enhance your business’s overall brand image. With MacRAE’S, your business will engage, inform, and convert the right prospects.

  • Boost Engagement Rates with More Compelling Content
  • Improve Conversion Rates and See More Sales
  • Improve Your Business’s Content Marketing ROI
The MacRAE’S Approach: Research, Goals, Results

The MacRAE’S approach to B2B content marketing is centered on research and goals and driven by results. We will work with your company to gain an understanding of what your brand hopes to accomplish with a content marketing strategy, as well as how to best engage your target consumer.

  • Research-focused: MacRAE’S content marketing strategy begins with the identification of critical groups of buyers. B2B content marketing is most effective when content is carefully tailored to a specific buyer persona, such as prospects facing a particular challenge or an active lead that meets certain pre-established criteria. Our team will work to ascertain what kind of information these buyers need as well as how they want to receive it in order to improve lead nurturing.
  • Goal-Oriented: Research shows that businesses with a documented, goal-oriented strategy are more successful with their content marketing schemes. MacRAE’S can help your business set goals that will define your content marketing strategy. We’ll work to deliver and syndicate content in a way that maximizes these goals.
  • Results-driven: With MacRAE’S, you will never have to guess how your B2B content marketing program is going. Ongoing analytics and reports allow you to track your progress. We will measure increases in traffic, conversion rates, and engagement rates to clearly visualize your ROI for content marketing activities.
The MacRAE’S Advantage: A Multifaceted Content Marketing Strategy

MacRAE’S makes use of a wide variety of content types and distribution channels in order to maximize the power and effectiveness of your brand’s social media strategy. From newsletters to tweets, we will help you target all content to the right buyer persona.

Improve Brand Authority with Social Media Marketing

From Facebook and Google+ to Instagram and Pinterest, MacRAE’S can set your brand up with a social media marketing strategy that will improve your search engine rankings, increase traffic and improve conversion rates, and improve brand recognition, visibility, and authority.

Enhance Brand Visibility with Blogging

Blogs are a powerful B2B marketing tool. On a blog, your company can show off all that it knows, providing informative and entertaining content. The key to blogging success is high-quality, well-targeted content that is engaging and compelling. MacRAE’S can help you target blog posts to specific buyer personas in order to maximize engagement and improve your ROI. Our experts can also help you syndicate posts across social media ecosystems to improve visibility and generate more traffic.

Inform and Educate with High-Quality Infographics

An infographic is a way of visually organizing and displaying information. Infographics make use of design, color, and movement to convey numerical information, trends, patterns, or data in a way that is both coherent and engaging. And because they are especially effective at breaking down and relaying complex concepts, infographics are especially valuable in B2B marketing.