Whether it is a customer looking to a purchase a household product or a business looking to purchase stock from a business supplier, the vast majority of purchases begin with just a few words typed into a search engine box. That is why high-quality B2B keyword research is critical to the success of your business’s B2B marketing strategies. However, B2B keyword research is a very different process from B2C keyword research. B2B keywords and keyword phrases are often much more technical in nature and often target a more specific buyer persona.

Your business needs an SEO firm that understands the nuances and complexities of B2B SEO keyword research. The MacRAE’S team has the experience and expertise to identify lucrative keyword opportunities for your brand, helping you to more effectively target specific buyer personas and boosting your bottom line. MacRAE’S can provide you with the highly effective keywords that will get you rankings you want. We make use of industry-leading research tools and competitive research to develop the most effective combination of keywords for your industry and target buyer personas. We will also analyze factors like cost and competiveness for each keyword to help you maximize your return on investment for SEO and PPC marketing activities.

What Makes an Effective Keyword?

The right keywords will signal to your potential buyers that you have the products or services that they need. By optimizing your webpages with these keywords, you dramatically drive up your rankings in search engine optimization pages and dramatically increase engagement metrics, like time-on-page and conversion rates. MacRAE’S develops keywords that respond to the needs and interests of your target audience, taking the following into consideration:

  • Brand Terms: Brand terms are terms that are somehow related to your brand, such as the name of your company or organization. Brand terms in keywords tend to be most useful in attracting the attention of businesses already familiar with your brand and therefore successfully drive conversion rates.
  • Product Terms: Product terms reflect the product or service your business offers to other businesses. It is important to note that product terms can be highly complex or technical in some niches or industries. This can be a challenge when attracting new customers, as they may be interested in buying from your business but might not know all of the industry jargon. By undertaking research to thoroughly examine all of your audience’s needs, MacRAE’S can help your company develop keywords to help attract these buyers who might lack the knowledge of technical or industry-specific terms to find your business.
  • The Sales Cycle: The buying cycle is much longer for B2B sales than it is for B2C sales. When identifying keywords and keyword phrases, MacRAE’S therefore also considers the sales cycle. We will identify keywords that attract buyers that are at different parts of the cycle for both informational and transactional search. And by specifically targeting prospects who are still in the awareness and research phases of the buying process, MacRAE’S keyword research strategies can help your business reach them before your competition does.

Once we take a comprehensive look at these terms specific to your audience, niche and brand, we will work with you to develop a highly effective keyword list, which can then be used to generate content.

Improving Targeting with Long-Tail Keywords

MacRAE’S keyword strategies work to identify both long-tail and short-tail keyword opportunities. Short-tail searches involve a single keyword or phrase, while long-tail searches involve unique combinations of many different words. Long-tail searches are harder to target, but they comprise about 70% of all search activity, so effectively targeting long-tail searches is crucial. The bottom line? With effective long-tail keyword targeting, you can more successfully attract the attention of target buyer personas, improving your ROI and boosting your bottom line.

Beyond SEO: Integrating Keywords into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

While keywords are an excellent way to improve your business’s rankings in search engine results pages, keywords are about much more than just SEO. Keywords can also be integrated throughout digital marketing activities, including social media marketing activities and content marketing strategies. From Twitter hashtags to blog posts, the right keywords can make or break the success of any digital marketing campaign.