Link profiles are among the most heavily weighted factors in search engine algorithms. That means that if you want your business to soar to the top of Google rankings, link building is an absolutely critical component of B2B SEO. MacRAE’S B2B link building strategies can help your business dramatically boost search engine rankings, improve your online visibility to prospects, and boost your bottom line.

The MacRAE’S Advantage: Get More Links, Get Better Links

At MacRAE’S, we are not just concerned about the quantity of links in your link profile. We’re concerned about the quality. When deciding where to place a link, our analysts carefully consider a range of factors, including site reputation, content relevancy, and link placement. Our goal is to get you the best links possible.

Link Building in a Post-Penguin World: Don’t Risk Costly Penalties

Google’s Penguin update had a serious affect on link building. The algorithm specifically works to reduce spam by penalizing websites with link profiles that are deemed either unnatural or low quality. For example, websites with numerous inbound links with identical anchor text, comment spam, guest posts on link farms or disreputable sites, and links from sites deemed dangerous (sites flagged for malware, numerous pop-ups, or other spam) will be penalized. While Google never specifically listed the techniques that the update targets, it does raise the stakes for link building. Now more than ever, businesses need to ensure they are exclusively using safe, white hat techniques, especially considering the severity of Penguin penalties. A penalized site could very well lose up to 60 percent of its traffic.

The bottom line is that in the post-Penguin world, no website can afford to make even a minor mistake when it comes to link building. Just one bad backlink could result in a penalty, causing substantial losses in both traffic and revenue. MacRAE’S understands the complexities and nuances of link building in the post-Penguin world. You will never again have to worry about accidently accruing a bad or dangerous link. And as part of our comprehensive penalty assessment, we can help your business identify and remove any links that might be causing problems. Let us worry about all of those rules and regulations so you don’t have to.

Quality Link Building: The MacRAE’S Approach

MacRAE’S builds diverse and robust link profiles for businesses as part of our B2B link building. We strive to get client websites diverse link types from a diverse range of linking domains by using a multidimensional approach to quality link building that includes a range of content development and linking tactics. All tactics employed are 100% reputable and white hat.

  • Guest Posts: MacRAE’S can help your business establish content development opportunities within your niche or industry for applicable target audiences and buyer personas. The key is to score these postings on reputable, well-known sites. Using metrics, like blog comments, social shares, and Twitter reach, MacRAE’S can help identify and target the most relevant blogs in your niche for guest posting. By targeting blogs that are have high traffic levels from your target buyer personas, you will make yourself more visible to prospects while also enhancing your business’s visibility to other businesses.
  • Industry Spotlights and Interviews: Businesses can conduct an interview with a prominent professional in their industry or write a spotlight piece on him or her. The professional will likely link to this piece in his or her local blog, and other relevant publications in your industry may also very well link to it.
  • List Building: MacRAE’S can help your business get on locally relevant and industry relevant lists. These lists will link back to your website, scoring you the high-quality links you want and need.

In addition to the aforementioned strategies, MacRAE’S uses a number of strategies in order to help your website accrue diverse link types across numerous high-quality, reputable domains. Call us today to see how we can help you earn better links in less time.