At MacRAE’S Marketing, we take pride in providing our customers with B2B link building that follows search engine link-building specifications, including Google’s updates to the Penguin algorithm.
Of all the factors accounted for in search engine algorithms, proper link building strategies are among the most critical. In other words, for your website to rank high in Google’s search engine results pages, appropriate B2B link building tactics are vital. When done right, not only will the links help you rank higher, they also enhance your online visibility and help you generate more revenue.
With our B2B link building service at MacRAE’s, we focus more on the quality of links as opposed to the quantity. By utilizing our services, you never have to worry about the placement of links. Instead, one of our expert team members will consider things like content relevancy and site reputation to ensure the links get placed correctly.

Avoiding Penalties

By using our professional link building service, there is no risk of getting penalized by Google. You may not know that the update to Penguin had a significant effect on link building. The purpose of the update was to reduce spam by penalizing sites with link profiles considered poor quality or unnatural. Because of that, the process of link building became more challenging. However, we fully understand the update and strictly follow the requirements.

The Right Approach

At MacRAE’S, we take a strategic approach to everything we do, including building links. With a unique multidimensional approach, we develop excellent links that adhere to Google’s algorithm updates and enhance your site’s online visibility. Using guest posts, relevant industry-related lists that target local customers, and industry spotlights and interviews, you will experience a significant jump in brand awareness, as well as in your search engine ranking.