B2B social media marketing can facilitate high-quality engagement and communication between your brand and business buyers in your target industry or niche. MacRAE’S team of experienced social media marketing experts can help you figure out where to cultivate a social media presence in order to maximize your ROI. Our research-based, goal-oriented social media marketing campaigns will improve your business’s visibility, improve lead nurturing tactics, and drive sales.

Get Better Search Engine Rankings and Faster Indexing with Social Media

Search engines now take into account social metrics when ranking websites in search engine results pages, including Google+ authority, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, etc. Active social media profiles provide signals to search engines that a brand is legitimate, credible, and trustworthy. Subsequently, links that manage to score those coveted first-place rankings in search engine results pages are virtually always associated with high levels of social media activity, including likes, shares, tweets, and +1s. Furthermore, search engines also index websites that have been extensively shared across social media sites much faster — and that is good news for your website’s rankings! For example, Google actually indexes content that has been significantly tweeted a staggering 50% faster. The bottom line? A comprehensive B2B social media marketing program is an invaluable component of any B2B SEO strategy.

Why Does Your Business Need B2B Social Media Marketing?

B2B social media marketing can help build your brand awareness, showcase your expertise, and make contact with leads. All of that facilitates better lead nurturing and translates into more sales.

  • Build Brand Awareness: B2B social media marketing can help your business build brand awareness and attract the attention of business buyers. That is because social media is an ideal tool for impression-based marketing strategies. Buyers, including business buyers, are more likely to purchase from a business that they have had some kind of pre-exposure to. By crafting compelling social media profiles that attract the attention of businesses and business leaders in your target industry or niche, you can build brand awareness and boost sales.
  • Showcase Your Expertise: Conveying your expertise is a key component of B2B lead nurturing. Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter provide an excellent opportunity to syndicate high-quality, expert content that enhances your brand’s reputability and facilitates interaction between your target buyer personas and your business. With comprehensive audience research, MacRAE’S can help your business figure out which social media channels can maximize the impact of your content, including Twitter chats and LinkedIn discussions.
  • Make Contact with Leads: By becoming an active participant in the social media forums and conversations your target buyer personas take part in, you can make contact with leads. MacRAE’S can help you syndicate the right content across the right channels to ensure that leads have a positive perception of your business, include your business in their buying research process, share your material, and ask for more information. By making contact with leads at key times, you can more effectively nurture them through the buying cycle and eventually get a sale.
Improve Lead Nurturing with Improved Buyer Insights

MacRAE’S B2B social media marketing also offers businesses improved buyer insights, allowing you to better understand the buyers that are actively expressing interest in and interacting with your brand so that you can better target them. A practice known as social listening, this provides businesses with an improved understanding of their target buyers’ behaviors, wants, and needs. That translates into more effective buyer targeting, an improved ROI, and an all-around better bottom line.