Google AdWords and Bing Ads are forms of pay-per-click advertising, a type of advertising that allows advertisers to direct traffic to websites. Effective Google AdWords and Bing Ad campaigns can work to significantly grow traffic and substantially increase sales, improving your bottom line. MacRAE’S comprehensive Google AdWords management services facilitates the development and continued success of highly effective Google AdWords and Bing Ad campaigns that are specifically targeted to your company’s target consumers.

The MacRAE’S Approach to Google AdWords Success

MacRAE’S offers goal-oriented, results-driven Google AdWords management services that produce high-performing consumer targeted ads. With MacRAE’S, you will never have to guess what works or wonder where your AdWords dollars are going. Comprehensive testing ensures that all of your ads are high performing, while continued monitoring and reporting ensures ongoing success and total transparency.

Maximize Your Advertising Dollars with Optimized Keyword Bidding

MacRAE’S experts have the experience and expertise necessary to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising dollars through keyword bidding. Our keywords bids optimization process ensures highly effective ads that will maximize your ROI. As part of our Google AdWords management services, our experts will ensure that you get the keywords necessary for AdWords success.

Goal-Oriented Campaigns to Measure Results

MacRAE’S Google AdWords management services are specifically developed and tailored to help your company generate more traffic and grow its sales. Using a combination of exact match, phrase match, and broad match keyword targeting, we execute and maintain goal-oriented campaigns that are established with a clearly defined goal in mind and a clear understanding of how results will be measured.

Consumer Targeted Ads to Get More of the Right Leads

MacRAE’S Google AdWords management services ensure that your company’s Google AdWords campaigns attract the attention of your target customer, raise customer interest levels, and lead customers to take action. From geo-targeting to mobile preferred ads, MacRAE’S Google AdWords management services make use of a range of targeting strategies.

  • Mobile Preferred Ads: Mobile preferred ads within enhanced campaigns can be used to specifically target mobile users. This allows for customized message and mobile-specific calls-to-action that will speak directly to mobile users. When used in conjunction with mobile-optimized landing pages, mobile preferred ads can be used to dramatically boost mobile conversion rates and enhance mobile user experience.
  • Audience Targeting: Audience targeting allows you to show your ad to specific audiences based on affinity audiences, in-market audiences, similar audiences, or other interests.
  • Geo-Targeting: Geo-targeting allows you to target ads to specific countries, states, cities, and location groups. This helps you focus on the areas where you will find the right customer, boosting your ROI. With Google AdWords, you can set and adjust your location targeting settings at any time.
  • Contextual Targeting: Contextual targeting allows you to match your ads to sites or pages that are relevant to your keywords or keyword themes. AdWords analyzes a website’s content and theme, considering such factors as text, language, link structure, and page structure to determine thematic relationships between pages and keywords. For example, a car seat manufacturer might choose to advertise on parenting websites.

Testing Produces Results-Driven Strategies

MacRAE’S never guesses what works best. We make well-informed decisions based on comprehensive testing. Once MacRAE’S has identified your company’s AdWords campaign goals and objectives, our experts will conduct various tests in order to maximize your advertising outcomes and ROI. These tests span the entire funnel, from identifying keywords to bid on to ad copy use to landing page design. We will create and test variations of your ad to see which achieves the best click-through rate, the lowest cost per click, the highest number of conversions, etc. MacRAE’S Google AdWords management services ensure that all of your ads are high performing.

A key component of MacRAE’S testing strategy is conversion tracking. This allows you to clearly see what specific keywords are triggering sales or leads, provides you with a competitive edge in bid managements, and helps to optimize ROI. Our expert conversion tracking services help you to better identify successful keywords and keyword themes, allowing for ongoing optimization based on concrete data points.

Continued Monitoring & Reporting for Ongoing Success

MacRAE’S Google AdWords management services offer continued monitoring and reporting for ongoing success. Monitor which keywords and ads are performing the best and monitor your ROI. You will never have to guess where your AdWords dollars are going; you will be able to clearly visualize it. It is all part of the MacRAE’S commitment to transparency and results-driven strategies and solutions.

Don’t Forget about Bing!

There is no denying it: When it comes to search engines, Google is king. An astounding 1.17 billion people use the search engine, and Google currently controls over two-thirds of the market share. However, in order to help your organization reach the full market and maximize traffic, conversion, and visibility potential, MacRAE’S also offers Bing Ad management. Our services include strategic keyword discovery and selection, ad text creation, optimization of landing pages, conversion tracking, ad submission, PPC monitoring and cost management, and ongoing campaign modification and optimization.

Google might be king, but Bing still attracts a staggering 3.3 billion searches per month. MacRAE’S can help you harness the untapped PPC potential of those searches and generate new leads and conversions with comprehensive Bing Ad management services. Just like with our Google AdWords management services, MacRAE’S Bing Ad management helps you maximize your PPC ROI. Optimized keyword bidding and comprehensive testing ensures that all of your ads are high performing, while continued monitoring and reporting ensures ongoing success and total transparency.