The MacRAE’S Advantage: Get More Links, Get Better Links

Effective link building and link earning isn’t about link quantity. It is about link quality. MacRAE’S expert SEO team is committed to getting your website the highest-quality links possible, taking into consideration the following factors:

    • Site Reputation: The key to successful SEO link building and link earning is acquiring links on high-quality websites, or websites with excellent reputations. If you are consistently getting large volumes of links from low-quality websites, it will work to your disadvantage. When judging the quality of links, search engines consider the popularity of the linking page and the trustworthiness of the linking domain. How can you tell which sites have excellent reputations? Typically, the higher a site ranks in search engine results pages, the more reputable it is and the more linking power it carries.
    • Content Relevancy: Search engines consider how relevant the content on the source page (the site hosting the link) is to the target page (the site to which the link directs). For example, if you run a British Colombia tourism and travel company, an external link on a Vancouver boutique hotel website will likely be deemed more beneficial to your SEO strategy than a link on a site about beaches in Thailand.
    • Link Placement: It matters where a link is placed in source page content. Links placed “inside” unique content are more highly valued than those placed in footers or sidebars are.
    • Quantity of Outgoing Links on the Source Page: An outgoing link on a webpage with hundreds of other outgoing links is worth less than an outgoing link on a webpage with no other links. Search engines recognize pages with dozens or hundreds of different outgoing links as “link farms,” pages specifically created for links that don’t have quality content. If your site has outgoing links on these types of pages, it could be penalized.
    • Anchor text: Anchor text is the text or link that a hyperlink displays when it is linking to another document or webpage. Anchor text with a targeted keyword is advantageous, as it helps search engines determine relevancy by clearly indicating the subject matter of the document or page that is being linked to. Links with anchor texts that are keyword relevant tend to be the most valuable. If a page has many different external links with keyword-rich anchor text, it has a good shot at ranking well within its niche.
Link Building in a Post-Penguin World

One of the most important Google updates, Google Penguin dramatically affected link building. Though Google never specifically confirmed the exact types of techniques targeted by Penguin, the update was intended to fight spam by penalizing websites with either low-quality or unnatural link profiles. Websites that have numerous inbound links with identical anchor text, comment spam, guest posts on link farms or disreputable sites, and links from sites deemed dangerous (sites flagged for malware, numerous pop-ups, or other spam) will be penalized.

Penguin penalties are severe. In some cases, a penalized site may even lose up to 60 percent of its traffic. In the post-Penguin world, no website can afford to make even a small link-building mistake. Even one bad backlink could result in a penalty, resulting in lost traffic and lost revenue. MacRAE’S understands the complexities and nuances of link building in the post-Penguin world. You will never again have to worry about accidently accruing a bad or dangerous link. We will worry about rules and regulations so that you don’t have to.

Quality Link Building: The MacRAE’S Approach

MacRAE’S builds diverse and robust link profiles, working to get client websites diverse link types from a diverse range of linking domains. MacRAE’S multifaceted approach to quality SEO link building includes a range of content development and linking tactics. All tactics employed are 100 percent reputable and white hat.

      • Guest Posts: Guest posts (publishing a post on someone else’s blog) on prominent blogs in your brand’s niche or industry are a powerful way to get both targeted traffic and inbound links. The key is to score these postings on reputable, well-known sites. How can MacRAE’S help you get coveted guest blog posts? Using metrics like blog comments, social shares, and Twitter reach, MacRAE’S can help identify and target the most relevant blogs in your niche for guest posting.
      • Authoritative Guides: Authoritative guides are written at an expert level. They offer users high-quality information that is immediately relevant to your brand’s niche and to the general theme of your website. An authoritative guide can be distributed to reputable sources and industry experts in your field. When these sources post the guide, your site will receive high-quality, reputable links.
      • Industry Spotlights & Interviews: Conducting an interview with or writing a spotlight piece about a professional in your field can be a highly effective way to procure links. Once the professional is aware of the piece, he or she will likely link to it. Other relevant sources in your niche may also link to it.
      • Free Tools: Free tools are an excellent way to garner inbound links, as it encourages users to share your content. The key is to develop a high-quality tool that your target audience will actually use, like, and recommend.

MacRAE’S uses a number of strategies in order to help your website accrue diverse link types across numerous high-quality, reputable domains. Call us today to see how can help you earn better links in less time.