Let MacRAE’S Local Search Put Your Company on the Map

Mobile devices are the engines driving local searches. 80% of all mobile searches are for local services or local products. In order to leverage mobile traffic, organic search engine rankings aren’t enough. Your site and your brand need a strong local presence. Using local search marketing services and local SEO services you can be in the top range of a search list for your niche market. Potential customers can find you, while they are on the go.

SEO and local internet marketing services agency in Canada

As part of your company’s comprehensive SEO program, MacRAE’S experts will work to optimize your site locally to leverage the power of locally oriented searches as well as mobile searches in order to improve conversion rates, drive sales, maximize visibility, and improve rankings.

  • Higher conversion rates, more sales. MacRAE’S will ensure that consumers close to you can find you through local search results on their mobile devices, by implementing local seo services.
    • 61% of users will call a business after searching for it online.
    • 59% will visit a business’s location.
    • 44% will make a purchase from a business using their mobile device after searching for it.
  • Maximize visibility, boost rankings. MacRAE’S will tailor your content to users’ local intent so that those who are looking for your brand locally can easily find it.
    • Almost 20% of all Google searches contain local intent.
    • 40% of all searches across all search engines have some kind of local intent. With more algorithm updates, like Penguin and Pigeon, Google is placing more and more importance on local factors.

If your brand isn’t already on Google Maps and in local citations, now is the time to get there. MacRAE’S leverages effective local search engine optimization services as a critical component of mobile optimization. You are losing traffic, and therefore new business, if a consumer tries to search for your company on a mobile device and you are nowhere to be found. Through a comprehensive and holistic approach to local search marketing, MacRAE’S can help you craft an effective local search marketing strategy that will give your company a competitive edge.

Our experts expect that local search will only continue to become more important, and Google will more than likely roll out even more updates to prioritize local results in the upcoming years.

The MacRAE’S Advantage: A Multidimensional Local Search Marketing Strategy

Many ranking factors come into play in local search marketing strategy, including business signals, on-page signals, review signals, social signals, and social media signals. MacRAE’S, a leading local seo company is here to help your brand leverage the power of local search in order to maximize its visibility across the Internet. Our SEO experts have the experience and the expertise to tailor your website strategy to users’ local intent. MacRAE’S local search engine marketing services is a multifaceted strategic approach that includes localized keywords, localized content, local search engine profile optimization, and citation development. Here’s what you will see:

  • Improve your site’s rankings with local keywords. It is easier to rank in local searches than non-local searches, so the right localized keywords can make a huge difference in your SEO program. MacRAE’S employs industry-leading tools to provide you with necessary localized keywords to lead a highly successful local search marketing strategy. MacRAE’S will then help you integrate these localized keywords into on-page components, including URLs, page titles, meta descriptions, H1 and H2 tags, and web content.
  • Drive more traffic to your site with high-quality localized content. MacRAE’S SEO marketing experts can help your brand develop locally targeted content. This is more than just integrating localized keywords into content. MacRAE’S will work with your brand to develop content that resonates with target demographics in specific geographical areas.
  • Boost brand visibility with local search engine profiles. MacRAE’S will create and optimize local search engine profiles for your brand. This entails eliminating duplicate profiles, ensuring all profile information is accurate and consistent, and verifying all profiles. This includes Google Local, Maps, or Places; Bing Local; Yahoo Local, etc. By creating, optimizing, and verifying these local search engine profiles with consistent, accurate information, MacRAE’S helps give you complete control over your brand image.
  • Help users find your company with accurate, informative citations. Citation development entails publishing your company’s identifying information (name, email address, phone number address, etc.) on locally relevant and industry relevant indexes and directories across the web. Major search engines, like Google and Bing, consider the number of citations from locally relevant and industry relevant domains when ranking a website in search engine results pages. MacRAE’S will help your company develop citations across locally relevant and industry relevant domains, including chamber of commerce websites, local news sites, local professional association sites, local blogs, and industry indexes and directories. When building these citations, consistency is critical. A single piece of misinformation can easily be replicated across the web, wreaking havoc on your SEO strategy. Our goal is to ensure that your business has a consistent presence across all of these citations. MacRAE’S will work to build accurate and consistent citations on reputable, relevant sites across the web.

MacRAE’S can help you enhance your local visibility and curate a better brand image, helping to put your company on the map so that it can easily be found by your valued customers and potential customers.