Responsive Website Design

MacRAE’S offers comprehensive, competitively priced responsive website design services to ensure that your website is beautifully rendered no matter what kind of device a visitor is using. From iPads to Androids, MacRAE’S responsive website design guarantees websites that are flawlessly designed and easy to navigate in order to optimize user experience.

What Is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive website design ensures that your website is visually compelling and easy to navigate regardless of user device. It provides an optimized viewing experience, making reading text easy and navigation seamless. In traditional website design, layout is determined using static units, such as pixels. This means that dimensions are fixed. In contrast, responsive website design makes use of a fluid, grid-like concept. A website’s layout, images, and its text essentially size themselves to best match the browser, optimizing a viewer’s experience. Companies only need one website for all devices, as opposed to different standalone versions. This makes websites and their content easier to develop, manage, and maintain.resDesign2

Give Your Company’s Digital Marketing Strategy a Competitive Edge

MacRAE’S responsive website design services can give your company the competitive edge it needs to thrive in today’s world. You will spend less on mobile development, improve user experience, and boost search engine rankings.

Spend Less on Mobile Development

In today’s world, consumers can browse the Internet on what seems like an endless list of devices — iPhones, iPads, Kindles, BlackBerrys, Androids, etc. Designing a website that is visually appealing and easy to use on all of these devices is a major challenge of 21st century digital marketing. MacRAE’S responsive website design services ensure that your company’s website is both visually coherent and easy to navigate no matter what type of device someone is using to view it. It is a comprehensive, effective one-size-fits-all solution to website design. There is no need to pour time and money into designing dozens of different standalone sites tailored to each different type of mobile device. MacRAE’S responsive website design services also help save companies time and money on website maintenance. You will only ever have to update or troubleshoot one website — there aren’t multiple versions to deal with. This streamlines the entire website management and maintenance process, saving your company valuable time and money.

Improve User Experience

No user likes to visit a website only to find that it isn’t optimized for his or her device. Most users aren’t willing to take the time to zoom in and out to adjust text so that it is legible. The vast majority won’t scroll endlessly to figure out how to navigate. MacRAE’S responsive website design services facilitate a better user experience by ensuring that your company’s website perfectly conforms to the specifications of each user’s device. This make is easier for users to navigate, browse, and read your content, which will lower your bounce rates, improve engagement, and generate more traffic.

Boost Search Engine Rankings

Improving your website’s rankings in search engine results pages is a core goal of MacRAE’S digital marketing strategy. Because responsive websites improve user experience, they lower bounce rates, increase time on page, and boost conversion rates. As a result, they consistently enjoy higher rankings in search engine results pages. What is good for user experience is also good for SEO.

Whether you have a preexisting website or want to start the design and development process from scratch, get in touch with MacRAE’S today to see how a responsive website design strategy can save your company time and resources while improving user experience and boosting rankings.