Win Patients, Earn Trust, and Improve Visibility with MacRAE’s SEO Solutions and Strategies

A staggering 3 out of 4 patients search for their doctors online prior to making an appointment, according to a 2012 Google study. The bottom line is that your patients are searching for doctors online. Subsequently, it is important for all doctors and medical practices to ensure that they have a high-quality, informative website that can easily be found via a search engine query. Ideally, your website should be ranking in the upper half of the first search engine results page for keywords and keyword phrases relevant to your practice and location, such as “Nebraska plastic surgeon” or “Rochester cardiologist.”

Whether your SEO strategy needs a total overhaul or just a bit of fine-tuning and tweaks to maximize success, MacRAE’s can help. MacRAE’s works to help doctors and medical practices develop high-quality websites that are easy for patients to navigate and easy for search engines to index. This helps doctors and medical practices expand their clientele, improve their patient trust, and increase their online visibility. Starting from as little as $399 a month, all our SEO programs are Google Panda and Penguin compliant and 100% white hat. They include all the services below PLUS a comprehensive MacRAE’s advertising program! Not a techie? That’s OK! Call us today, and we’ll explain it all in plain English!

Improve Patient Reach with Cutting-Edge Local Search Marketing

Chances are that if a patient is using the Internet to search for a new doctor or medical practice, he or she wants to find medical care in his or her own community. Comprehensive localized optimization strategies are at the core of MacRAE’s SEO strategies and solutions for doctors and medical practices.

  • Localized Keywords: MacRAE’s is here to help doctors and medical practices leverage the power of the local with localized keywords. Localized keywords contain some kind of reference to locality (town, city, state, etc.). It is substantially easier to rank for localized keyword than it is to rank for non-localized keywords, so localization can put your keyword strategy ahead of your competition’s strategy. Our industry experts will identify powerful keywords that are relevant to your practice and your location, such as “Key West dermatologist” and “Philadelphia chiropractor.” We will then help your practice rank for these keywords by integrating them into on-page components, including URLs, page titles, meta descriptions, H1 and H2 tags, and web content.
  • Local Search Engine Profiles: As part of our SEO for doctors and medical practices, MacRAE’s will create local search engine profiles for your medical practice, including Google Local, Maps, or Places; Bing Local; Yahoo Local, etc. We will eliminate all duplicate profiles, ensure all profile information is accurate and consistent, and verify all profiles.
  • Citation Development: MacRAE’s will work to develop citations with your medical practice’s identifying information (name, email address, phone number address, etc.) on locally relevant and industry relevant indexes and directories across the web. Major search engines, like Google and Bing, consider the number of citations from locally relevant and industry relevant domains when ranking a website in search engine results pages, so citations are incredibly advantageous in helping your practice boost its results. It also helps enhance your practice’s online visibility and ensure that you can easily be found by patients who might be searching for you.
  • Online Review Monitoring: MacRAE’s SEO for doctors and medical practices includes online review monitoring. All doctors and medical practices want to have excellent reviews of their medical services, as these reviews are some of the first things that will pop up in local search results. This not only helps enhance your practice’s local visibility, but also works to improve your professional image and cultivate patient trust.
Maximize Results with Comprehensive On Page & Off Page Solutions

MacRAE’s SEO for technology companies employs both on page and off page solutions. Our comprehensive SEO services for doctors and medical practices include:

  • Keyword research and targeting
  • Page title, description, and meta tag optimization
  • Improvement of crawlability
  • Local optimization
  • Citation building
  • Optimization of graphics, images, and video content
  • Improvement of site architecture and internal linking
  • Link building strategy
Increase Patient Trust and Improve Your Practice’s Reputability Through Content Creation and Optimization Strategies

For MacRAE’s SEO for doctors and medical practices, ensuring that your medical website is found is only half the battle. In order to ensure a positive user experience, MacRAE’s also works to ensure that your practice’s website is furnished with compelling and informative written and visual content. MacRAE’s content creation and optimization strategies will also help your brand produce and distribute high-quality content that will improve your brand’s online visibility, enhance its reputation, and improve patient trust. As a part of our social media page construction and optimization services, MacRAE’s works to build new social pages for your practice as well as optimize any preexisting medical practice social pages you currently have. Our services include Facebook fan page development and optimization, Twitter profile creation and optimization, Google+ profile creation and optimization, and blog development.