When it comes to e-commerce, ranking higher than your competitors is an absolute must. In the world of e-commerce, rankings can make or break the success of a company, making all the difference in sales. MacRAE’s offers comprehensive, high-quality SEO solutions for e-commerce businesses. Whether you are selling high-end designer clothing or secondhand books, our solutions and services can help your e-commerce business attract more consumers and make more sales.

Starting from as little as $399 per month, all our SEO programs are 100% white hat and Google Panda and Penguin compliant, and they include all the services below PLUS a comprehensive MacRAE’s advertising program! Not a techie? That’s OK! Call us today, and we’ll explain it all in plain English!

Beyond Rankings: Improving User Experience

MacRAE’s knows that when it comes to e-commerce, a positive user experience is essential to generate traffic, boost conversion rates, drive sales, and improve your company’s bottom line. The happier your customers are with your website, the more they will visit it and the more purchases they will make. That is why MacRAE’s SEO solutions aren’t just about creating a site that can be easily indexed by search engines. Our SEO solutions and strategies for e-commerce businesses can help your brand in developing a website that will deliver a first-rate user experience — a website that is visually compelling, easy to navigate, and furnished with high-quality, relevant content.

Effective information architecture, website structure, and internal link architecture help your new product pages rank well in search engine results pages. MacRAE’s will work to develop logical link categories for your home page and your product pages from the category levels to ensure that customers can easily find what they are looking for without any hassle and that major search engines will be able to find, crawl, and index your content fast. Easy-to-use checkout procedures and clearly visible contact information help ensure that once your customers have found what they are looking for, they can easily make a purchase.

In-Depth Keyword Research

MacRAE’s experts conduct high-quality, in-depth keyword research using the most advanced industry tools to ensure that products and goods that your customers are searching for are being promoted on your site.

  • Keyword Assessment: MacRAE’s keyword optimization strategies begin with a comprehensive keyword assessment. We optimize all product pages with keywords, taking into consideration search demand to ensure that the goods that people are actually searching for are being promoted on your site.
  • Competitor Research: MacRAE’s competitor research will give your e-commerce business the competitive advantage. Comprehensive competitor research is a critical component of all of MacRAE’s comprehensive SEO solutions and strategies for e-commerce businesses. Our experts will show you what keywords your competitors are trying to rank for as well as where they are getting their links.
  • Unique Keywords and Keyword Phrases: MacRAE’s experts can work to identify a range of keywords and keyword phrases for your e-commerce website to ensure unique title tags, H1 headings, and descriptions. This helps mitigate issues of keyword cannibalization, in which different pages on your website are trying to rank for the same keywords. Keyword cannibalization is a common problem for e-commerce businesses. Because it confuses search engines when multiple pages on the same site are trying to rank for the same words, it can do serious damage to your e-commerce business’ SEO strategy.
Boosting Unique Content

E-commerce businesses oftentimes have thousands — if not hundreds of thousands — of products. Generating unique content for all of those product pages can be a challenge, but it is absolutely critical. The more information about a product on its page, the better a search engine is able to understand what the page is about, how it relates to other pages on your site, and how it is relevant to specific user queries. The more unique content on your site, the better your e-commerce business’s website will rank in search engine results pages. MacRAE’s works to help e-commerce businesses boost their levels of unique content in order to help them score those coveted high rankings in search engine results pages.

  • Strengthening product categories and popular product descriptions: It can be a challenge for any e-commerce business to produce high-quality, unique content for hundreds of thousands of product pages. MacRAE’s SEO strategies and solutions are here to guide you around this dilemma. Our experts can help you strategically put content where it counts by identifying your most popular products and working to optimize all product category pages with high-quality, original content.
  • User-generated content: MacRAE’s multifaceted social media and content marketing programs can help e-commerce businesses facilitate improved engagement between their brand and their consumers in order to successfully solicit user-generated content, such as comments and reviews. High-quality user-generated content is key for all e-commerce businesses who want to improve their rankings in search engine results pages, helping them continuously boost levels of fresh and original content.
  • Cutting down on duplicate content: E-commerce businesses often sell versions of products that are virtually identical except for minor variations in color, sizing, etc. In the world of SEO, this can be quite problematic; if these listings aren’t handled right, search engines will view them as duplicate content. As part of MacRAE’s SEO strategies and solutions for e-commerce businesses, our experts will work to properly index pages and cut down on duplicate content.