Search Engine Optimization For Healthcare Companies

Whether you are a multinational medical equipment manufacturer that distributes healthcare products across the globe or a small health insurance company providing service at the local level, MacRAE’S SEO strategies and solutions for healthcare companies can help improve your website’s performance, generate high-quality leads, enhance company visibility, and improve your content marketing programs. That all translates into a better bottom line.

MacRAE’S comprehensive SEO programs for healthcare companies are excellent options for hospital systems, mental health centers, substance abuse centers, pharmacies, medical publishers, medical advocacy associations, insurance companies, and medical equipment manufacturers and retailers. Starting from as little as $399 a month, all our of SEO programs for healthcare companies are 100% white hat and Google Panda and Penguin compliant, and they include all the services below PLUS a comprehensive MacRAE’S advertising program! Not a techie? That’s OK! Call us today, and we’ll explain it all in plain English!

Improve Site Performance with Customized, Goal-Oriented Programs

When it comes to SEO for healthcare companies, MacRAE’S knows that there is no such thing as one size fits all. An insurance company working to recruit customers locally has different SEO needs than a substance abuse center that caters to patients from all over the world. That is why all MacRAE’S SEO programs for healthcare companies are specifically tailored to your needs. The MacRAE’S process begins with a comprehensive assessment. We’ll identify what your company is doing right when it comes to SEO, as well as what it could do better. From there, our team of experts will establish a variety of goals and benchmarks, such as lowering bounce rate by 30 percent or increasing traffic by 80 percent, in order to guide your healthcare company’s SEO. This maximizes results, ensuring your company the best possible ROI.

All of our SEO programs include the following on page and off page optimization strategies, all of which are specifically tailored to your company’s unique goals and benchmarks:

Keyword research and targeting

Page title, description, and meta tag optimization

Local optimization

Optimization of graphics, images, and video content

Improvement of site architecture and internal linking

Citation building

Link building strategy

Generate High Quality Leads

All healthcare companies know that it isn’t just the quantity of leads that matters. It is the quality. Whether you are an insurance company trying to attract new customers or a substance abuse center that wants to improve visibility to potential patients, MacRAE’S SEO programs for healthcare companies can help your company generate high-quality leads. Through comprehensive audience research, expert keyword targets, and strategic content marketing plans, MacRAE’S can help your company make contact with the people who are most likely to find value in the products or services your healthcare company offers.

Enhance Company Visibility with Comprehensive Link Building Programs

MacRAE’S can enhance both your company’s visibility and reputability with comprehensive link building programs. Our experts will get you the high-quality links you need to become more visible in your target niche. We pride ourselves on the development of robust, diverse link profiles, helping clients get links from a range of different domains. Of course, all link building tactics employed are 100 percent white hat, so you will never have to worry about a costly penalty. Our link building schemes are as safe as they are effective.

Boost Engagement Rates with better Content Marketing

The healthcare industry is enormous — it is a multitrillion-dollar industry. That can make effectively targeting your company’s target niche and target demographic quite a challenge. That’s where MacRAE’S comes into play. As part of our SEO for healthcare companies, we offer comprehensive content marketing programs to help ensure that companies are effectively engaging with their target niches and demographics. High-quality content marketing programs can help companies educate consumers about a new product, spark consumer interest in a new healthcare program, and drive medical sales. MacRAE’S content marketing programs are multifaceted, designed to develop high-quality, compelling content and syndicate it across a range of different channels. MacRAE’S content marketing programs include:

  • Social Media: Social media sites reach 80 percent of Internet users, meaning they are a powerful way for healthcare companies to get in touch with their target audiences. From Facebook and Google+ to Instagram and Vine, MacRAE’S can set your brand up with a social media marketing strategy specifically designed to facilitate higher engagement rates.
  • Blog Development: Blogs are a powerful customer acquisition tool. Over 90 percent of companies that engage in blogging multiple times per day acquired customers through their blog. MacRAE’S can help your healthcare company develop reputable, useful, and informative content that is both engaging and relevant to your target audience.
  • Video Production: MacRAE’S professionally produced HD videos can give your content marketing strategy the competitive edge it needs. Blog posts that include video attract 3 times as many inbound links as blog posts without video, and enjoyment of brand video content increases a consumer’s purchase intent by 97 percent.

There is nothing more powerful than a strategic, high-quality content marketing program to better boost your brand’s engagement rates, ensuring that you make valuable contact with the consumers you want to make contact with.