SEO for Nonprofit Organizations

Whether it is a potential volunteer that is committed to making a difference or a possible donor passionate about your cause, every nonprofit needs to make sure that is able to connect with the people that are searching for it. That’s where SEO comes into play. MacRAE’s high-quality SEO services for nonprofit organizations help you improve your nonprofit’s online visibility while also working to help your organization curate a better online brand image. From boosting donor acquisition rates to helping your organization make more and better connections in the nonprofit world, nonprofit organizations that opt to invest in SEO services reap many awards.

The MacRAE’s Advantage: More Donations, New Relationships, Better Connections

MacRAE’s SEO services for nonprofit organizations can help your nonprofit develop new relationships, meet hard marketing goals, and improve brand awareness.

  • Attract New Donors: Last year, charities and nonprofit organizations in the United States received over $300 billion in donations. And in today’s world, the majority of donors aren’t pulling out their checkbooks to make a donation. Instead, they are going online. MacRAE’s SEO services for nonprofit organizations can help make your brand more visible to potential donors, dramatically improving donor acquisition rates.
  • Forge New Relationships: The higher that your nonprofit’s website ranks in search engines results pages, the more people that will visit your site and engage with your content. Search is the number one driver of traffic to website, and a full 75 percent of search engine users never scroll past the first page of results. From building partnerships with other nonprofits to recruiting new volunteers, improved visibility in search engine results pages provides your nonprofit with more opportunities to forge new relationships.
  • Make Better Connections: Effective SEO strategy isn’t just about getting more people onto your nonprofit’s website. It is about getting the right people onto your nonprofit’s website. From localization efforts to customized PPC ads, MacRAE’s can get the attention of your target demographics.

Starting from as little as $399 a month, all our SEO programs are 100% white hat are Google Panda and Penguin compliant, and they include all the services below PLUS a comprehensive MacRAE’s advertising program! Not a techie? That’s OK! Call us today, and we’ll explain it all in plain English!

On Page & Off Page Solutions

MacRAE’s SEO for nonprofit organizations employs both on page and off page solutions. Our comprehensive SEO services for nonprofit organizations include:

  • Local optimization
  • Keyword research and targeting
  • Improvement of crawlability
  • Page title, description, and meta tag optimization
  • Link building strategy
  • Optimization of graphics, images, and video content
  • Improvement of site architecture and internal linking
  • Citation building
Improving Trust & Enhancing Reputability Through Content Creation and Optimization

The MacRAE’s approach to SEO goes well beyond search engine results page rankings. Effective SEO strategy boils down to making your site more visible to your target demographic. While that involves quite a bit of technical work, it also involves helping your nonprofit curate a compelling and engaging online image. Our goal is to help your nonprofit better express what it does and why its work matters in order to help you build trust with your target demographic and enhance your reputability.

To facilitate improved communication and engagement between your nonprofit and your target demographic, MacRAE’s makes use of a multifaceted content creation and optimization strategy. As a part of our social media page construction and optimization services, we work to build new social pages for your nonprofit as well as optimize any preexisting nonprofit social pages. Our services include Facebook fan page development and optimization, Twitter profile creation and optimization, Google+ profile creation and optimization, and blog development.

MacRAE’s can also help your nonprofit develop engaging content for distribution across these social media channels, from witty tweets to informative blog posts, in order to help your nonprofit fully leverage the power of content marketing. The production of relevant, engaging content also helps encourage social sharing, which gets your brand’s content more widely distributed across social networks and in turn boosts visibility and traffic.

Track Your Results with Analytics & Reporting

MacRAE’s comprehensive reporting services allow your nonprofit to clearly track and visualize the impact of all SEO-related activities. Through a detailed analysis of your website’s Google Analytics account, our team of experts will examine traffic increases and website conversion growth generated from our SEO efforts. You will be able to meet with an SEO specialist each month to review the reports and discuss the results. We will make any necessary tweaks and adjustments to ensure your ongoing success. We also offer Google Analytics & Webmaster tools setup & installation.