One of the most critical components of your digital marketing campaign is identifying your return on investment. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, visualizing the tangible results can be difficult. That’s why we built a better way. We built a way to track website traffic effectively and analyze website traffic statistics so that everyone understands it.

Here's Why Our Clients Love Our Portal

We use this information to continually work with you to improve your program. SEO is dynamic and working with our clients is the best way to ensure our work fits with your goals.

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Why MacRAE'S

MacRAE’S understands that being transparent is the best way to build trust. We act as a part of your marketing team and part of that is providing reports that make it easy to see your ROI.

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"56% of businesses rely exclusively on Google for web analytics: report"(source)

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Clearly Visualize the Results Your Marketing Dollars Are Producing

MacRAE’S is committed to maximizing your ROI. Our analytics and reporting tools guarantee complete transparency, meaning you will never have to guess where your money is going. Our convenient and easy-to-use portal showcases all relevant analytics in one place, including the software needed to track website activity. You can see exactly where your digital marketing dollars are going, as well as the results they are producing. Our top-notch analytical reporting tools and ROI analysis help refine and optimize marketing efforts to ensure your brand’s continued success.

A Convenient, Easy-to-Use Portal

Measuring ROI is a critical component of every digital marketing campaign. At MacRAE’S, we know that you want your investment to produce clear results. But if you aren’t an analytics expert, it can be challenging to know what numbers to track and how to interpret those website traffic statistics. That’s why we’ve created an analytics portal. Our portal allows you to visualize a number of key analytics, including traffic numbers, visitor stats, ranking comparisons, and conversion information. While Google Analytics is an important part of what we do, our portal goes well beyond just Google Analytics and encompasses click tracking, mouse tracking, usability testing, surveys, A/B tests, call tracking, and more.

Analytics is complex, and our experts offer complete setup and troubleshooting. If necessary, we can also train your company in analytics to help you better understand how to read and decipher results and reports. As part of our commitment to transparency, our portal allows you to clearly track important metrics yourself. We won’t just tell you what your marketing dollars are doing; we’ll show you. Key analytics include:

  • Traffic: Traffic refers to the number of people that visit a website or page. More traffic translates into increased brand visibility and more sales. You want to track your website traffic!
  • Time on Page: Time on page refers to the amount of time a user spends on a given webpage. It doesn’t just matter how many people visit your website. It also matters how long they stay. More time on page is associated with higher engagement rates.
  • Bounce rate: Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your site after just visiting one page. In other words, they click into your site and bounce right back out. A high bounce rate is an indication that users aren’t engaged with or interested in the content on your website.
  • Pages per Visit: Pages per visit lets you know how many of your site’s pages a user visits after landing on your site. The more pages the user visits, the better, as it indicates that your site is well tailored to its target audience.
  • Conversion: Conversion is getting a visitor to complete a desired action, whether it is signing up for an email mailing list, clicking on a link, visiting a specific page, or making a purchase.
Custom Analysis & Reporting

MacRAE’S establishes benchmarks, metrics, and targets prior to the implementation of programs, solutions, and strategies to ensure that progress can be easily tracked and measured. This ensures that our team of experts can easily see how specific online marketing strategies and initiatives are performing, as well as what can be done to improve them. Based on established benchmarks, metrics, and targets, MacRAE’S offers customized analytics and reporting based on your business goals and objectives, as well as professional advice on how to invest your advertising budget and prioritize your marketing efforts to maximize ROI.

Reports & Goal Tracking

As part of our commitment to transparency, MacRAE’S offers regular reporting, which includes website traffic statistics, and goal tracking to ensure that you can clearly visualize the effectiveness of specific marketing strategies and solutions. We specifically track indicators that are aligned with your business goals and track visitors as they move across your domains. Utilizing a variety of measurements and analysis tools, MacRAE’S experts analyze and interpret your data in order to produce comprehensive reports, improve business insights, and refine recommendations for future strategies and solutions.

MacRAE’S knows that each company has unique digital marketing objectives. That is why our reporting is also specifically tailored to your goals and objectives. Our analytics tools allow us to conduct in-depth analysis and produce comprehensive reports that shed light on your unique business goals and objectives. In order to ensure reporting accuracy, our experts can establish benchmarks within Google Analytics and filter out data points that may distort results or cause bias. Our experts are also adept at assessing confusing and conflicting data to determine causal factors related to performance and can implement complex tracking solutions, including cross-domain tracking, custom variables, and if/then tagging.