B2B Link Building

At MacRAE’S Marketing, we take pride in providing our customers with B2B link building that follows search engine link-building specifications, including Google’s updates to the Penguin algorithm. Of all the factors accounted for in search engine algorithms, proper link building strategies are among the most critical. In other words, for your website to rank high in Google’s search engine results pages, appropriate B2B link building tactics are vital. When done right, not only will the…

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B2B Keyword Research

Whether it is a customer looking to a purchase a household product or a business looking to purchase stock from a business supplier, the vast majority of purchases begin with just a few words typed into a search engine box. That is why high-quality B2B keyword research is critical to the success of your business’s B2B marketing strategies. However, B2B keyword research is a very different process from B2C keyword research. B2B keywords and keyword…

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B2B Content Marketing

80% of businesses say they use content marketing for B2B marketing, yet less than 40% feel their content marketing initiatives are successful and only 8% would rate their content marketing initiatives as very effective. There is no denying it: B2B content marketing can be a challenge. Effectively targeting others businesses is different than targeting standard consumers, as the sales cycle is longer and the buyers’ needs and purchasing process are distinct. MacRAE’S has a seasoned…

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B2B Social Media Marketing

B2B social media marketing can facilitate high-quality engagement and communication between your brand and business buyers in your target industry or niche. MacRAE’S team of experienced social media marketing experts can help you figure out where to cultivate a social media presence in order to maximize your ROI. Our research-based, goal-oriented social media marketing campaigns will improve your business’s visibility, improve lead nurturing tactics, and drive sales. Get Better Search Engine Rankings and Faster Indexing…

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When it comes to SEO, not all strategies and solutions are created equally. B2B SEO is distinct from B2C SEO. That is because unlike in B2C, B2B sales don’t typically take place in an e-commerce environment. In B2C, a customer will typically enter a website, quickly navigate to a product or service, and make a purchase; the B2B sales cycle is much longer. Businesses not only need to be highly visible in order to be considered in other businesses’ purchasing decisions, they also need to appear reputable and knowledgeable. That is why highly effective B2B SEO solutions are so critical.

B2B SEO solutions require a unique skillset and body of knowledge. These solutions require an in-depth understanding of how businesses buy from other businesses. That’s where MacRAE’S comes into play. Our team of professionals has the expertise and experience to craft comprehensive B2B solutions that will ensure your business ranks higher in search engine optimization pages, is more visible to potential buyers, and sells more. Our comprehensive B2B solutions are all about boosting your bottom line.

  • Become More Visible to the Right Businesses. B2B SEO is consistently ranked as one of the most effective B2B marketing strategies. That is because when executed correctly, B2B SEO solutions can dramatically boost your business’s visibility. From extensive keyword research to comprehensive link building, we can help you get found by the businesses that are most likely to buy from you.
  • Develop a High-Quality Link Profile with White Hat Linking Strategies. A great link profile can not only dramatically boost your search engine rankings, but also make you more visible to relevant businesses in your industry. All of MacRAE’S link building schemes and strategies are 100 percent white hat, so you will never have to worry about a search engine penalty.
  • Curate a Better Brand Image with Content Marketing Programs. From video production to blog development, MacRAE’S can help your business develop and syndicate compelling and engaging content that will attract the attention of other businesses.
  • Track Your ROI and Monitor Your Progress with Industry-Leading Analytics and Reporting Tools: With MacRAE’S, you will never have to guess where your money is going. As part of our commitment to total transparency, we offer monthly reporting and an easy-to-use portal that allows you to track relevant metrics, like traffic, conversion rates, time on page, bounce rates, etc.