What is one thing that will set your business apart online? We think the answer is VIDEO.

Get your message across in a new way. Stimulate your audience’s senses; 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text. Not only is video a powerful SEO tool, but can convey your brand message in a way that otherwise wouldn’t be possible over the web. (source)

The ability to share, post, email, and promote an HD quality, professionally produced and edited video will make your marketing department happy, and will make your business look even better. Promote your business with A Company Profile, Product Demo, Client Testimonials, and more!

Why Choose MacRAE’S For Video Production?

We’ve been in the digital marketing space for over 20 years and we have always held a very strong bias toward video content. Today, we’ve refined our process and suppliers to make your video production as easy, convenient, and fast as possible. These are the areas we shine:

  • Convenience: shoot anywhere in North America
  • Value: our cost-effective process and lets us stay competitive while offering a wide range of prices and video options.
  • Speed: Videos delivered in 14 days
  • Quality: Keep track of what we did with free analytics and stay happy with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 71% of small B2B business marketers are using video as part of their content strategy. (source)
  • Mobile video viewing increased 35% from 2010 to 2011 (source)
  • US digital video viewers will rise by more than 22 million between 2013 and 2017, reaching 204.6 million that year. (source)
What do We Offer?

Choose the style that suits your needs. All of our videos include a professional videographer, HD quality, at least 1 round of edits and a shoot day on location anywhere in North America.

1. Profile Video – 60 seconds                                                                                                                                     Showcase a business, product or service in a personal way with unscripted interviews and authentic and engaging prose.

  • 1-3 interviews
  • Natural, engaging shots of your business in action
  • Unscripted and authentic interviews of business owners, managers, or employees

2. Scripted Ad Video – 60 seconds.
Grab attention and persuade customers to take action. Our ad videos feature a professional voice actor, script, and a persuasive call to action to inspire your audience into movement.

  • Professionally written and recorded voiceover
  • End slate call-to-action
  • Natural, engaging shots of your business in action


3. Testimonial Video – 60 seconds.
If you’ve ever heard us talk about our SEO programs, then you already know the importance of a few good testimonials. A great testimonial meets a professionally produced video and search engine magic is born.

  • Unscripted and authentic interviews from current or past customers
  • Once created, your video will be published on your Profile page, company website and uploaded to YouTube, where millions watch videos every week. Almost instantly you have developed new content for your business in 3 areas online. We make it easy! Let MacRAE’S help with your video production and start seeing the benefit of video content for your business online.


    Why we Love Working with Manufacturers

    Video is not only a powerful tool for B2C businesses. Manufacturers use videos that look much different, with equally great results! Here are some of the ways manufacturers use video:

    • Enhance brand image – Your audience is looking for a manufacturer they can trust. A video is the next best thing to coming in to your manufacturing plant to take a tour themselves!
    • Educate and Engage – Your business cannot be described in one sentence no matter how hard we try. Videos help simplify a message and make that message memorable.
    • Connect with viewers – 64% of people find it helpful to watch online videos to learn more about a business as opposed to reading text
    • Increase Online Visibility: Videos can help manufacturers attract 2-3x as many monthly visitors, double customers’ time on your site, and increase organic search engine traffic by 157%.


    Video can have a huge impact for manufacturers. Showcase your business to the world and display it on your MacRAE’S Blue Book profile to get it to the right audience!



    View some of the samples we have produced on our